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gang bang means to have sex with various males/females/monted people who have both/teachers at once.
I walked into his motel room, expecting a gang bang and I was right because my boyfriend and his friends were hiding in the closet, under the bed, and behind the door.
They suddenly jumped out and my boyfriend closed the door, but instead of freaking out I wanted them to fuck me.
I lay down on the floor and spread my legs.
My boyfriend inserted his penis in my already moist pussy and began to go in and out. My boyfriends best friend inserted his dick up my ass and began riding me like a horse and then two of my boyfriends other friends put their dicks in my open, waiting mouth. My long tongue wrapped itself around their dicks and sucked. Suddenly I felt a tingly vibration in my vagina and screamed, "OH OH OH ! FUCK YEAH OH RIDE ME BABY."

The guys all ejaculated at the same time which I took a face full and the two guys finished in my mouth.

But that wasn't enough for them, and it sure as hell wasn't enough for me.
I still had my legs spread and all four stuck their fingers in, as my pussy was so wide it could take all of them easily.

My boyfriend and his friends were multi cummers and so this time they all put their dicks in my vagina and I screamed in delight.

After cumming for the second time they then crammed every one of their dicks in my mouth and I blowed every one of them at once, sucking and licking and then they all lay on the floor, exhausted while I sat on them moving up and down and doing the work for them.

Then I wrapped my hands around their dicks and gave them the best hand job they had ever got.
by chuckemluckem September 10, 2008
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