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County located up in Northern California known for marijuana, the beauty of redwood trees, and logging. Beautiful scenery and some cool people, but has a load of tweakers and and a corrupt police force. I mean the biggest building in Eureka, the county seat, is the jailhouse. If you are looking to grow or smoke weed or go into the logging industry, go for it. Otherwise, stay the fuck away from Humboldt. It has some of the narrowest culture in human civilization.
Humboldt County is so beautiful yet so shallow
by chuckdizzle December 20, 2004
A team with a young trio of Jason Richardson, Mike Dunleavy, and Troy Murphy who on paper look like an exciting team. However they are coached by that dumbass coach who used to coach Stanford named Mike Montgomery who doesn't know shit how to play NBA style and from the looks of it they are en route to miss the playoffs for a record straight 11 seasons.
Lets go to a Golden State Warriors game in Oakland Coliseum and root for the opposite team.
by chuckdizzle December 20, 2004
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