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The feeling you get when you are listening to streaming radio on Pandora and Pandora plays that perfect song you've been waiting to hear.
Guy #1: Dude, I love that new Eminem song.
Guy #2: Dude, me too. I had a Pandorgasm when Pandora played it earlier.
Guy #1: Dude, that is awesome!
by chuck_bad November 18, 2010
A football quarterback resists the temptation to stare down the receiver to whom he intends to throw the pass. When the quarterback stares at the receiver to whom he intends to pass, it becomes easier for the defense to defend the pass.
Chad Henne used great eye discipline to look off the safety and complete the pass.
by chuck_bad October 12, 2009
A moron who believes in ghosts and uses absurd tactics for "proving" the existence of ghosts. These idiots use devices like digital audio recorders to attempt to initiate a call and respond interaction with the ghost. They also take pictures of orbs and try to explain that these orbs are proof of the existence of ghosts.
Did you see those fucking morons acting all scared of the dark on the Sci Fi channel last night?

Yeah that ghost hunter dude was a fucking idiot for thinking creaking floorboards was a ghost.
by chuck_bad October 28, 2009

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