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Skeet darts is a game where at least 2 people participate. One draws a dart board on their face with lipstick. The other masturbates and ejaculates on the other's face. Where ever the cum shots land you tally up your score and allow the next participant to have their turn. repeat until the desired point value crowns a winner.
Flip, Chuck Duece, and Steeds got that bitch so drunk, they played skeet darts on her all night while she was passed out.
by chuck duece July 29, 2010
spaghetti shits are when the genital warts in your asshole grow to be so big that your shit comes out like the pla-do spaghetti factory.
its time to get my warts frozen off again . . . i had the spaghetti shits this morning.
by chuck duece August 01, 2010
A New Jersey Reload occurs when someone is in an intense firefight and they run out of ammo. The shooter then drops his weapon and takes a weapon off of a dead shooter.
The shoot out was so bad that chuck duece had to pull a New Jersey Reload to keep fighting.
by Chuck Duece August 05, 2010

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