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In gay circles, "chub" means a group of heavyset, obese, and simply put..chubby men! a gay man that is a chub can also be a bear..the two subculture stereotypes are mixed in many instances. Many niteclubs cater to events aimed strictly at chubs and/or bears. Chub as a term is more oft used with gay people as opposed to the heterosexual chubby chaser societies which are part of all humanity and all colours.. with heterosexuals connotations and terms change somewhat and there are of course abbreviations.. BHM.. Big Handsome Man, BBW..Big Beautiful Woman..

As America gets fatter and fatter, the use of the word "chub" should be becoming more prolificly used and i am quite certain it will!
Chub 1: So Jerry, are you going to the Chub Convention in Tampa Bay this weekend??

Chub 2: Nah! Last year there were too many twinks and fems, and femme bears, so i am not going..
by chubbylova October 13, 2011

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