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3 definitions by chronser

when someone who has Crohns disease becomes bitchy and mean, and unlike themselves
Tom: hey melissa
Melissa: bite my you whumbass scumbag
Tom: well, it looks like someone is Crohnsing
by Chronser September 05, 2005
a way to describe how emo (as defined by the current generation) people feel
based on dashboard confessionalswhich appeal to the disaffected, emo youth of america
alli: damn, my friends left me again
matt: how emo are you feeling?
alli: im dashboard emo
by chronser February 18, 2006
A slang word for a girl on her period. Used with friends to cover up what they are really talking about
Saule: Ugh, Molly came to the house last night
Vera: really? She just left my house two days ago
by chronser February 20, 2006