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The combination of gorgeous and delicious all rolled up like a yummy sandwich word.
Oh my god. Tell me that Dane Cook is not the most gorgeouslicious comedian ever!
by chrispykrem April 14, 2009
A city bunch of wanna bes pretending like we're some kind of bad ass city. Our city is small, all the streets are confusing and go in a circle, yet white people always lock their car doors as soon as they hit the city. Maybe because they know that they are going to end up going in circles and some "thugs" may see them twice and try to rob them, or maybe its because they think that's something to do in every city. The "thugs" of the area would get their cute asses kicked by thugs of a REAL city. The only thing "big" about the city is the area surronding it.
"Thug": "Yo, let's go get some pussy in da burg(Harrisburg, PA)!"
Random "Passer-by: You are retarded."
by chrispykrem December 14, 2010
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