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An intense feeling achieved after seeing or thinking of an outfit that is swagged the fuck out or extremely stylish. Similar to an orgasm except all stimuli is visual.
1. Me: "So I looked into the mirror to swag check before the party and I immediately had a swaggasm."

2. Random chick 1: "Damn. He's so hot."

Random chick 2: "I know right, every time I see Chris I have a swaggasm.

3. One look at her and I had to check my boxers. Fortunately it was just a swaggasm.
#swag #fresh #clean #orgasm #cool #fashion
by chrispychris August 21, 2012
Stinky Vagina
The stripper had a Woffty Minge
#stinky #bad #funny #stripper #toes
by ChrispyChris July 10, 2014
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