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A playful, almost gentle way to refer to a person with Down's Syndrome. It can also refer to someone who acts as though they have Down's Syndrome.

Can be used as an adjective or a noun.
Ex: I wish I was a downsie. Then I could be put in a "special" home and be taken care of for the rest of my days. Responsibility is so overrated.

Ex: You are soooo downsie! I can't believe you forgot how to ride a bicycle!
by chrismarcar March 09, 2007
phatty- adjective; pronounced "fatty"
1. Something big, large, noteworthy or extreme, sometimes unusually so
2. Something "cool", "awesome", "great"
ex: I went to a phatty house party last weekend...they had like 15 kegs!!
ex: Those are some phatty sunglasses...seriously, they're so big that I can't even see your face...
ex: That is the phattest guitar ever. Can I buy it from you?
by chrismarcar March 05, 2007

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