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Whereas smokers have been relegated to the status of second-class citizens and thus have a fraternal bond to one another, the intent of this statute is to promote the spirit of the society of smokers and prevent abuse of the same.

Bum: One who asks for a cigarette
Holder: One who has cigarettes

(1) - A holder is obligated to provide a cigarette to a bum upon request given in a reasonably polite way, UNLESS:
(A) - The bum has already requested one or more cigarettes from the holder in the course of a 24-hour period, OR
(B) - The bum is notorious, OR
(C) - "Last Smoke Exception" : The holder has only a single cigarette left.
(D) Sections (1)(A-C) do not apply if the bum is a hot.
(2) - Upon receipt of a cigarette, a bum is obligated to engage the holder in polite conversation UNTIL:
(A) - A reasonable time lapses, OR
(B) - The holder signals that no further conversation is necessary
(3) - A holder is always obligated to provide a light to a bum.
Bum: "Hey man, can I get a smoke?"
Holder: "Hell no, buy your own!"
Bum: "Dude, poor cigaretiquette."
by chrisag05 December 02, 2008

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