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1 definition by chris_619

Teeny boppers are aged between 12 and 15 some are even 17 year old chiks that annoy the hell out of everyone they act all cute and stupid and think they are all that. They dress like little slutty retards n have no sence of fasion and dress in pink wid ribbons in der hair and in pig tails. They have the most annoying giggles and laugh or cry over anything. They get over emotional with boyfriends and listen to gay pop music. They chat on the net in in the most annoyin way " awwww rewlie but i need chu in mah lyf i s2 chu' and they even talk like that. They always try to act all nice n cute n when dey get angry it is hellarious. To some things up the annoying little skanks that guys tend to go for cus they are easy
"hewwoo dont chuuu thing im shoooooo cyooottee look at meeee im a slutty wil retard"
by chris_619 May 24, 2005
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