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having a wank with your feet as your hands are busy
1.'oh no my hands are so chapped i will have a nice dry toe wank'
2. 'yo bitch give me a toe wank'
by chris_123-xx May 04, 2007
a water brown substance left on the penis after anal sex
i pulled out and was covered in bum hole juice
by chris_123-xx May 04, 2007
putting coco pops in a man/womans anus, adding milk, and eating with a spoon.
coco pop (coco popping) is practised alot in the gay community
by chris_123-xx May 04, 2007
when a woman is so sick she shits out of her pussy
"quick bring me the mop. iv just had a shit out of my pussy" = doing a pussy shit
by chris_123-xx May 04, 2007

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