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4 definitions by chris99163

a panda the teaches a harrassmeant class
hey look it the sexual harrassment panda
by chris99163 April 01, 2009
the feeling you get when masterbating
i can just FEEL the masterbationsensation
by chris99163 April 01, 2009
you have the abilty to google that word or w/e u are googleing

you have the googleablity to find that on google
by chris99163 April 01, 2009
A piss infected cum bubble is where u are having intercourse and when u project seman
u also let out urine and it puffs.... there u go u got your a piss infected cum bubble
exmple #1 name is bob
exmple #2 name is gary

hey gary last night i had sex with a nice ass hotty and i actully gave her a piss infected cum bubble.

that sweet bob what did it look like.....
by chris99163 April 01, 2009