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A common practice with Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese, and any South East Asian woman or hooker. Considered a cultural courtesy and post-coital hygenic favor from any female partner in these cultures. The practice started in SE Asia and became common sexual vernacular as sex tourism gained popularity with Westerners. Semen consumption by SE Asian females is quite normal and in fact seen by most women as a nutritional necessity as protein sources are lacking in these geographies.

After unloading into a condom (post sex) with a female, squeeze firmly from tip to base coating the male organ with fresh sperm. Remove condom. Female partner(s) continues to clean or tongue bath your entire genital region until void of all semen. For extra adventurous or hungry females, she may choose to consume the remaining "cream" by attaining the remaining semen left inside of the condom manually, ie, licking the wrapper.

This is the Cambodian Creamsicle.

Similar to a Turkish Snowcone, which is the same process, sans wrapper.
Annie is a hungry little Vietnamese thing !! She gives me a Cambodian Creamsicle after I fill my condom up with nut, I dont even need to take a shower after we fuck, she even cleans the wrapper !! She's voracious !!
by chris24sj July 03, 2009
See also: Tweaker

This is a local variation of tweaker primarliy used Northern California. Someone who is hopped up on various drugs mainly marijuana and pain killers. Someone who is whirling around in a daze experiencing varied moods and reactions.
"Mark is on happy pills again, what a whirler."
by chris24sj July 04, 2009
Derogatory for an Indian (Asian) person. Thought to have come from British Colonial in India, coined by British expats/ colonists.

The British, with a long history of playing the game of cricket, did so in India during the 17th century and beyond. The local Indians seeing this new game became curious. Not to make the colonial masters upset, they would stay up late into the night, and sneak in games of cricket under a full moon.

This became a regular tradition, and soon the Indians were allowed to play during the day. But the term stuck...

Moon Cricket, derived from the Indian slaves sneaking in games of cricket at night.
"Sir, I do believe those bloody Indians are trying to mimick us....they are playing cricket by the light of the moon...Moon Crickets it shall be!!!"
by chris24sj July 30, 2009

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