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A small piece of marijuana found commonly on car seats, couches, beds, drawers, pockets, floor, or anywhere else you may be careless with your chiba.

"Yeah, I wasn't gonna smoke, but then we found some weedilitos on my floor and it was on!"

"Yo quero weedilito?"
by chris.com October 19, 2006
a 40oz. of your favorite brewski chilled to perfection. Usually a High Life or a Cobra.
"Here's a 40 swig it, you know it's frigid, I got 'em chillin' in the cooler, break out the ruler"
- Souls of Mischief

Customer - "Excuse me sir, could you point me in the direction of the 40 oz. beverages?"
Store Manager - "In the back"
Customer - "One more thing sir, are these frigid fortys?"
Store Manager - "Silly bitch, I don't roll any other way"
by chris.com October 19, 2006
Slamming an entire can of an energy drink in a matter of seconds.
I don't know how I'm gonna go out tonight, I better get goofed before hand!
by chris.com January 20, 2010

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