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A digital tv thing that allows people to pause live tv and record it, a bit like tivo, only it works better and under the same sky digital format so it is still familiar, you can also series link a certain programme so you are able to record a number of shows from the same programme,without having to manually do it.
i sky plused lost last night, cos i was out getting pissed.

thank fuck for sky + (plus)
by chris vine October 16, 2007
Verb. An alternative to masturbating, and alot cleaner at times.
Involves about 1 hour at a time typing random words to see if other people know what they mean, or to find a meaning of a slang term.
Excessive use, however, shows no evidence of making people go blind.
Other terms are such as, urbandictionater, urbandicionated
John:What you do last night Chris
Chris:I urbandictionated about 3 times.
John: No Way I havent done any urbandictionating since i got a girlfriend.
And So On,,,,
by chris vine October 16, 2007

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