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An act in which one lubricates the neck of a beer bottle then fully sits on it so it completely enters that person anally. They then lean forward, lifting the bottle upwards so the contents flow into their anal cavity. The bottle is then removed and the contents are sprayed from the anus. This also produces a quick alcohol buzz compared to drinking the beer. Also related to the term, "beer enema cocktail" in which someone drinks the beer after it has been used as an enema.
Sally didn't want to have "beer breath" so she had several beer enemas at the party.
by chris giocondo March 25, 2006
An act in which two people are in the 69 position but are performing orally on the other's anus.
Straight, bi or gay, everyone loves a double butt sandwich.
by chris giocondo March 25, 2006
performing orally on a vagina after you or another man has deposited semen in it
My girlfriend surprised me with a taco supreme.
by chris giocondo March 25, 2006
Term to describe a piece of floating fecal matter (shit/turd)in the toliet bowl.
Flush twice because your roomies don't want to find a missing sailor.
by chris giocondo March 25, 2006
A term referring to added sperm, urine, or feces in food
The person working the takeout window looked like they liked/disliked you; perhaps they gave you some of their special sauce.
by chris giocondo March 25, 2006
After playing with someone's anal cavity with a finger, the finger has fecal matter on it.
It's a good thing Mark is into scat since Barbara gave me a tootsie roll pop when we double teamed her.
by chris giocondo March 25, 2006

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