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A kindly, jovial term for a British (second generation plus) Asian Muslim.
1. Fagger: I'm out of cigarettes and need a smoke.
Fagger's Mate: Ha! And all the shops are closed.
Fagger: No they're not. The lalah corner shop is open all night.

2. You've got to watch those lalahs - they all carry knives.
#allah #lala #angerland #jim #ethnic
by chris firth November 06, 2006
1. Verb - to make someone feel sad by dissing their urban dictionarydefinitions anonymously, from a safe distance away with no come back.
2. Noun: a sad, loser, nerdy type who even his own Mum struggles to love.
Mum: You look a bit glum today, petal.
Geeky Kid: Yeah - I added 17 definitions to urban dicitionary dot com and some yorick went and thumb down every one.
Mum: Sometimes I just don't understand what you're saying.
Geeky Kid: (stressing, stomping out of room) See - even you got me as a thumb down!
#thumb up #thumbilina #yorick #thumb life #thumby
by chris firth September 21, 2006
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