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Person of individual or eccentric demeanour found freqenting every major (and often minor) bus park or station throughout the globe. Living in their own special world, said Bus Station Loony will happily occupy each daylight hour shuffling throughout every corner of their domain. They love to be among people, but are inept at standard social intercourse, therefore will mumble to themselves, sing, hold conversations with inanimate objects and generally put the willies up any average commuter.
Also any member of the long-running British punk band, The Bus station Loonies. The similarities are several thousandfold.
Whilst waiting for the number 84 to Tavistock, I had to occupy my time by trying to avoid the Bus Station Loony at Bretonside Station. The poor soul reeked of urine and kept insisting I came to their gig that night.
by chris wheelie April 30, 2005
A term for white sauce, used in cookery. Also slang for sperm, due to its appearance and consistancy.
He drizzled the poor man's custard on to her chops.
by chris wheelie April 21, 2005
An exclamation of delight or bliss, when in a particular comfortable or cosy environment.
(Following a rigid and exhausting day. Showered and slipping between freshly laundered and warm bedclothes) "Iss-Iss!"
by chris wheelie April 30, 2005
A late 20th century phenomenum. The greatest, most earth-shaking popular culture since rock'n'roll. Musically, an natural evolution of folk/protest music. For the people, by the people, an accessable documentaion of modern times. Genuine eccentricity for the modern age, lampooning all trends before it and sticking two fingers up to a confused and plastic world.
The Bus Station Loonies.
Ruptured Ambitions.
Dick Lucas.
Vivian Stanshall.
Ian Dury.
John Peel.
Punk is punk is punk is punk.
There is no authority but yourself.
Do anything you wanna do.
by Chris Wheelie June 18, 2005
The odd little stalk atop of genuine beret. Also a tuft of stray hair that simply refuses to lie flat. Or a stalk on a piece of fruit you have to pull off prior to consumption (say, on an apple or strawberry).
"Zat is not mon beret, zere is no plink!"
"All set for the job interview, except for this darn plink won't stay down!"
"It's all right, grandad, I've mushed-up all your fruit and de-plinked it".
by chris wheelie June 16, 2005
Vulgar term for the anus, rectum and bowels. Named after the main character's transportation machine in the popular UK Sci-Fi programme "Dr.Who". The 'tardis' held a lot more than it looked from the outside.
The customs officer got ready for another trip into the dung tardis.
by chris wheelie April 28, 2005
*Additional to earlier definition* Sorry, I misinformed you people, it was Plasmatics lead guitarist Richie Stotts who was one of the first to introduce the mohawk as punk rock chic, not Wes Beech. I've read references to bihawks and trihawks... another variant on the style is the Trojan... longer at the front, tapering off gradually to the back.
Richie Stotts, along with Discharge bassist Rainy, were two of the first punk rockers to introduce the mohawk hairstyle to that particular genre.
by Chris Wheelie July 21, 2006
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