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A boring, rich, upper class town just outside of Reading, Pennsylvania, full of doctors, lawyers, accountants, college professors and other people who think they’re hot shit. Like other rich towns in the Philadelphia area, Wyomissing is full of drug-addicted teenagers and clueless/ignorant parents who choose to look the other way when they walk in on their child shooting up. All of kids from the town are spoiled and a lot of them try to act like they’re tough thugs from the rough streets. When in actuality the only dangerous thing to worry about is hitting a deer crossing the road or running out of coke. Parents throw fancy parties near every single holiday (even st. patrick's day) which their kids attend for about an hour before going out to get drugged up and wasted beyond coherency with their other rich little friends. To be honest, most of the teenagers are pretty out of control and have no morals whatsoever. There is no "shocking behavior" at a Wyomissing party because these kids aren't shocked by much. The town also contains a numerous amount of hot girls that can be seen on a day to day basis usually driving their mommies and daddies BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Acura or Lexus with no place to go.
Tom: "Who was that hot girl doing lines of coke in her BMW M3?"

Tara: "Oh, thats Lisa, she lives in Wyomissing, she's that snobby bitch I told you about whose loser brother thinks he's a gang banger. I fucking hate people from Wyomissing."
by chowchowww February 23, 2006

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