16 definitions by chopper

1. A robotic-like machine that is prone to short circuit. When under the influence will pump anything.

2. 'Screech' in Saved By The Bell
Fred: I felt mingin this morning after we got wrecked last nite, how you feel?

Sken: Im fine.
by Chopper December 15, 2004
The TRUE and ORIGINAL use of the word "brap" came from motocross racers symbolizing their bike's engine, braaaaap, while doing any activity. Hopping off the sidewalk, playing with toy motorcycles, lifting an object etc. The phrase caught on and was knocked off in a way when the sport of motocross became more popular.
I was haulin into the speed bump and I hit it so hard, it was like braaaap
by Chopper April 16, 2004

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