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A closeted gay man hangs around at lesbian parties, just to show he loves pussies and has an unwitting straight male friend as a room mate to prove that he is not homosexual although he secretly craves him as well.
Father: "son now that u are joining university, its time for the talk"
Son: " Go fuck yourself Ranga janga, you are the reason that i have two fathers."
by choolkanibaba March 21, 2010
A common greeting used in the Xel'Naga era of the world of the extraterrestrial sentient beings, Protoss.

Since the destruction of their holy temple, the phrase has been manipulated and distorted by the rebellion force in a successful propaganda attempt to ridicule the excess horniness of the previous Protoss generations. Its literal meaning in English stands:

"Fuck me I am Hornyyyyyyyy"
Terran Marine army commander: GO GO GO
Protoss Dark Templar opponent: Adun Turidas ;)
by choolkanibaba March 21, 2010

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