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v. To be struck in the head with a baseball and consequently perish.
Person 1: Did you just see that kid's mom?
Person 2: That dyke just got Simon Birch-ed
Person 1: Are you going to the funeral?
Person 2: No.


*Woman gets hit in the head with a baseball*
Woman: DOH!
*Woman dies*

by chomski January 03, 2012
n. The sagging lower region of belly fat that overhangs obese women's genitals. Also known as a FUPA.
Person 1: That old lady has the biggest jumbutt I think I've ever seen.
Person 2: Yikes!
by chomski January 03, 2012
n. Used to fool your friends into thinking you are talking about some kind of lewd sexual act.
Person 1: Mike, do you know what an egg wash is? lol
Person 2: Uhhhh yeah. No wait, no. What is it?
Person 1: You don't know what it is?! lol
by chomski January 03, 2012

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