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A cool person who occasionally does something funny or stupid.

Forgetting to do something that is needed, ( Put out cigarette BEFORE pumping gas. Accidentally posting a stupid or explicit video of self or loved one online)
Tom is usually pretty cool, but today he is being a total Choadus cause the hot neighbor girl is over.

Derek wont stop talking about a jacked up truck he saw today. There are hot chicks present. Derek, quit being a Choadus and lets get them to the hot tub already.

Shannon drank way too much and wont shut up about his daughter shooting an elk. Cool story the first 8 times I heard it. Quit being a Choadus Shannon
by choadus13 January 06, 2012
A hot chick, but your not sure if she is a full on lesbian or a recreational lesbian.
That bitch is hot, but I'm not sure if shes just down for the weekend with her friend or if their gonna be making cookies on Monday too.

Down for the weekend ( Recreational, Hobby, Just Discovered Courtney Love Kinda Lesbian)

Making cookies on Monday too. ( Full On, Strap On, WNBA Kinda Lesbian)

lesbian WNBA Pink Weasle Pinky Dyke
by choadus13 January 06, 2012
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