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the verbal equivilant of the "wink" or "nudge". should be said in a flirty tone, with emphasis on the "ho".
Boy: It's my birthday.
Girl: Oho.

Susan: I think I like this boy..
Jennifer: OHO! Tell me more.
by chloeandcaoimhe August 21, 2008
similar to stalkbooking except using the popular social networking site bebo. this is when someone uses bebo to stalk another; they know things that they shouldn't, such as what their stalkee did last weekend, their middle names, what the inside of their house looks like, etc.
Betty: I was talking to that girl Catherine on Friday, and we-
Ellen: What? You were at the cinema too?
Betty: ...
Ellen: Her friend wrote her a comment saying about it. Why are you looking at me like that?
Betty: Whatever, Bebo Stalker..
by chloeandcaoimhe October 18, 2008
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