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Suboxone is a medication that was approved in 2000 to treat opioid/heroin dependence. It contains the medication Buprenorphine which is a medication that blocks other opiates from reaching the receptors in your brain (basically saying that if you take a Suboxone you can not get "high" from heroin or any other opiates). Suboxone also contains a medication containing Naloxone. Naloxone is used to reverse overdoses of opiates. Naloxone does not interfere with buprenorphine's effects when Suboxone is taken sublingually (dissolving under your tounge) as prescribed. The naloxone is there to deter people from dissolving Suboxone and injecting it, b/c the naloxone can cause severe withdrawal symptoms very rapidly. Suboxone comes in 8mg & 2mg strengths. They are stop sign shaped and are orange and taste like lemon-lime. There is also Subutex which is only buprenorphine, w/o naloxone and these may be used to start people on treatment for opioid dependency.
"Can I get a sub?" = can i get a suboxone
by chloe84 February 05, 2010

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