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The act of faking an ejaculation onto a partner's back, by spitting on it. Once the partner turns over, the official ejaculation occurs onto the patner's face.
Dave gave me The Imposter last night...Again.
by chiseboy December 18, 2003
The act of urinating on a church.
I had to go so bad, I performed a crucipiss.
by chiseboy December 18, 2003
When one urinates on lying down partner's stomach, then rolls them over and defecates on their back.
Everything was fine until Larry decided to give me a Nebraska Steamroller.
by chiseboy December 15, 2003
The art of strategically hanging a deli sausage out of one's pants to entice a partner.
Hey...Check out that schlong... Oh Wait... It's Just a Phoney Baloney.
by chiseboy December 18, 2003
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