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4 definitions by chipper

to release an oily water-like substance out of the anus, after consuming low to non-fat foods, such as WOW chips.
"I have to go clean the oily discharge out of my underpants."
by chipper December 22, 2003
22 2
The side of a womans breast.
look at the fat of the lamb on that woman in the red swimsuit.
by chipper January 05, 2004
2 5
a dirty slut.
Did you hear Belyse is pregnant again?
-yes, iam the father, you jew.
by chipper April 02, 2004
3 7
a woman's vagina that has the ability to escape.
i can't belive you pierced your flying vagini!!!!!
by CHIPPER November 24, 2004
12 23