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worship of jackals by jackasses
united states of america
by chino December 10, 2003
A theme park in which after so many years of frequent visitors, the rides malfunction occasionally and it reeks of BO. Don't get on Diablo Falls. It is a letdown and it smells of rancid armpit.
Guy1: Dude, Diablo Falls sucked ass...
Guy2: Sucked ass? More like smelled like it.
by Chino September 11, 2004
Rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off while on the computer chair.
ROTFLMFAOWOTCC!, That was funny!
by Chino November 14, 2003
A very attractive "petite" girl that you could "spin" on your penis
Whoa that chick's a total spin!
by Chino December 13, 2003
The ebonic way of pronouncing your balls or nut sack.
Holy Shit dude, That chick had mad skill with her toungue. She was all over these sizznuts with that shit.
by Chino December 15, 2004
someone who giggles a lot when you tickle 'em.
christin is SUCH a gigglepot
by chino December 10, 2003
someone who laugh an aweful lot when you tickle 'em.
christine is SUCH a gigglepot!
by chino December 10, 2003
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