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If you're a student like me (Makes horrible test grades but actually does your homework and somewhat cares) then you probably dread this day. If you're a student like my older sister(Studies hard never misses a homework assingment aces all the tests and on the teachers good side) then you probably love this day. This is the day when asian parents yell at their kids for getting an A-. This is the day white kids get sympathy for making a C. This is also the day that black kids get their asses whooped for bringing home a D+. If by chance your report card satisfies your parent then you can expect some money or a trip to your favorite restaurant.
Asian kid: Mom... heres my report card
Asian Mom: An A-!!!! You have got to do better!!

White Kid:Oh crap its report card day! Here it is...
White parent: Aww you got a C in History. Try to do better next time honey.

Black kid: Mom before I show you my report card promise me you won't go crazy... AHHHHHH!!!!! MOMMA NO!!!!
by childplz March 10, 2011
Better than a D- but makes no difference to your parents
Kid: Mom... I got a D
Mom: A D!!! my son got a D!
Kid: But it's a D+
Mom: It's still a D!!! go to your room!!!!
by childplz January 11, 2011
some trashy outfit you wear on your birthday or any other day of the year usually consists of a pair of panties and nothing else
Guy1: Hey man I saw Lisa in her birthdaysuit yesterday

Guy2: Really? What'd she look like?
by childplz January 07, 2011

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