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When a high school kid tricks out his inadequate car (usually a cheap Asian import but is not limited to crappy domestic and European cars) to make it look and sound like it is fast when really it’s slow and sounds like a lawn mower on steroids. This is often done because they cannot obtain a real performance car because of the lack of funds. High schooling out includes a big oversized spoiler, large exhaust pipes, stupid performance stickers, and a John Deere intake kit for that high performance lawnmower sound.
"Hey, did you guys check out Timmy's wheels?" "Yes, its really high schooled out!"
by chickeninmypants August 07, 2006
A loop styled ear ring that are worn predominantly by Latino females and posers.
Dasy Fuentez, Jennifer Lopez, that bitch in black eye peas all have or do wear latino loops.
by chickeninmypants August 07, 2006
When one uses Creatine and works out, one of the many side effects is the “creatantrum” in which one becomes very irritable at something or a situation that is insignificant not awarding such a display of anger.
"If you don't get in this fucking car bitch, then I'm going to have a creatantrum and take a 50lb barbell from the back seat and throw it at you!!"
by chickeninmypants August 02, 2006
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