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5 definitions by chicken pants pooper

a word that Ned Flanders, rom the poplular tevevision show The Simpsons, uses often. It means okey dokey, but I'm sure you know how wierd Flanders talks.
I know a kid who uses the word okely dokely
by chicken pants pooper January 13, 2005
A dude who plays guitar and sings in a punk rock band called greenday. he swears alot, and smokes pot. the dudes married and has kids...
ok, stop saying he's the sexiest man alive. he's married. gosh! sluts...

person1: hey, i just pulled a billie joe armstrong

person2: what does that mean?

person1: i dunno...i just like saying that
by chicken pants pooper March 26, 2005
a town in Illinois about 45 minutes away from Chicago.
I hate Lockport. Lockport hates me. its true!
by chicken pants pooper January 11, 2005
AN AWESOME CHICAGO NEWS/TALK RADIO STATION! It's for republicans/conservatives, and the best person on there is michael savage!
my liberal uncle said that WIND - AM 560 is nazi radio. meh. what a lib.
by chicken pants pooper March 26, 2005
a band that is so soft, it makes people want to hurt each other.
atleast thats what i think
a very soft band. possibly too soft. i dunno
by chicken pants pooper December 24, 2004