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1 definition by chick_with_gun

1. HellOfAnAwesomeBand!
Any real fan knows that makes sense ;)
Whats the point in trying to write this when The Rasmus defy definition?! They are not heavy metal... and they are certainly NOT pop! Yup, they are unique and most narrowminded, so-called fans of music can't accept new music and so they are generally hated. Their loss.

2. HellOfATalentedBand!
Yep... Pauli (guitarist) won best director of the Year in his native Emma awards for his work with the Dynasty Group (ie. The Rasmus, Killer, Kwan)... and Lauri (singer) won best composer.

3. HellOfARockingBand!
And they sound awesome live! Never felt such energy :)
Best Song: Used To Feel Before
Best Album: Playboys... no wait... HellOfATester! Umm... no... Into!

Can't Decide lol!
by chick_with_gun September 15, 2004
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