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A place where you can graduate with a 4.0 GPA and still not be in the top 20% of the class. A place that defies the laws of high school. The more drugs you do, people you sleep with, and the the less time you spend studying, the better GPA you get! Everyone should go to Green Hope! But beware, Green Hope is home to the most vicious gossip. If you're not in the right crowd to begin with, you never will be (that factor is usually determined at the first PTA meeting when the richest snobbiest parents latch arms leading their children to one another and deciding who their children will exclude) and if by some chance you get into the "in" crowd, you get the most hurt because you don't realize how much people are talking about you behind your back.
Green Hope High School - as long as you're in the right crowd, you're fine, or so you think!
by chicagoroxie April 30, 2005
Determined on a 2am wendy's run to be a whopper with cheese.
Lee: I want a whopper with cheese.
Nicole: we're at Wendy's Lee, you get whoppees at Burger King.
Lee: Whoppees??
Nicole: oh, I guess that would be a whopper with cheese...
by chicagoroxie April 30, 2005

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