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When someone has all of their buttons done up on a polo shirt and it looks nice/good.
Person 1 - "Whoah, Lydia has all her buttons done up on her polo shirt, it looks really nice."
Person 2 - "She has top button swag obviously."
by chexxa November 26, 2011
when someone who is wearing tights purposely makes sure that there is a hole in the crotch so that their genitalia are perfectly accessible.
Guy 1: ew look at that really slutty girl over there!
Guy 2: i bet she has a whore hole under that mini skirt.
Guy 3: i'd destroy her.
by chexxa November 25, 2012
When you and a friend make a pledge to get matching tattoos together.
Lara: Hey Hamish, I think it would a great idea if we were to get matching tattoos of the KFC logo on our bum cheeks!
Hamish: That's a great idea!

Lara: Instead of being my bottom bitch you can be my tattoo bitch
by chexxa November 07, 2012
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