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A very good form of music that can be considered a cross between death metal and alternative metal. includes bands such as: slipknot, system of a down, mudvayne, korn, and disturbed.

many people fell that nu-metal is a crappy sold-out form of death metal.

*smacks all the bitches that feel this way*

just cuz lots of the nu-metal bands are rich doesnt mean that they are sellouts. YOU DONT GET RICH IF YOU DONT HAVE TALENT.

unless you're 50 cent. but thats another topic.

nu-metal might not have the best lyrics or instrumentals, but it is still one of the best forms of music out there.

guy 1: dude are you going to see distubed and stone sour at the music as a weapon tour?
bitch: no dude, nu-metal sucks. i'd rather listen to 50 cent on my ipod.
guy 1: dude he just talks fast while a beat is playing.
bitch: so. you're cool if you listen to 50 cent. and that diturbed and stone sour shit sucks.
guy 1: *shanks a nigga*
by chexmix September 24, 2006
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