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A cannabis cigarette, a joint, a reefer, a spliff, a bifter, a phatty, a spleef, a blunt, a booder.
"Pass the zoot!"
by chewrocket September 10, 2008
A terrible disorder with horrible symptoms such as an inexplicable dress sense, naturally slick, greasy hair, ever thickening eyebrows, and worst of all dance related tourettes syndrome.
Jimmy Carr is the only know living sufferer of john travitis, and he is only in the early syndrome of the disease. The dance related dance syndrome is only apparent in the latter stages of the disease. JOHNTRAVITiS!
by chewrocket September 10, 2008
King size rolling papers!
"Lets stick 10 John Kingingtons together and roll up some weed"
by chewrocket September 10, 2008
A lighter
"Anyone got a splagoosh to light this reefa?"
by chewrocket September 10, 2008

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