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a chick that is not experianced in dick sucking and scrapes with her teeth.
"man that chick sux,she used her teeth shes such a cock beaver"
by chester November 29, 2003
a person who is rebelious and smart
Chester is a sonu.
by Chester January 30, 2004
The Silent Assassin - The Track Attacker

For years never known to speak to anyone in the media or public, always spoke with his hands

The perfect group show DJ, one that stays in the flow of the group and drops the beat on time; very few mistakes in the Jammaster Jay mode of show jocks

Took the transformer scratch invented by Philly jocks, Cash Money and Jazzy Jeff, to a funk level on "Rebel Without A Pause"

Analogy Time Children!

Terminator X:Public Enemy::Jam Master Jay:Run DMC
by Chester September 17, 2003
moist flatulence
Hey, did you gooze?
by chester January 14, 2004
To mix records.
Damn that DJ is spinnin'
by chester February 17, 2003
A position in which the woman is folded in half, knees above shoulders, while the man holds the back of her calves and bangs ferociously.
Baily screamed while I paid the rent
by Chester January 11, 2005
The gooch,the grundle, that seam between your ballsac and asshole, the one that if it wasn't there you'd fall apart because it holds you together.
nasty!!! there was hair on the girls seam that I fingured last night!!!
by Chester June 03, 2004

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