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2 definitions by chessapphire1214

Generally used to describe people who give free hugs, but can be used to refer to anyone whose main purpose is to allow others to snuggle them. It can also be applied to inanimate objects made for snuggling, such as teddy bears and trees.
Brendan tried to push Cindy away, but she clung to him like he was a goddamn snuggle post.
by chessapphire1214 January 20, 2009
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The person your crush makes out with on a couch. These people are usually complete assholes and don't deserve your crush's attention. Common treatment for this problem is a punch to the face. Be sure to enlist the help of several bigger and stronger people.
"I was going to ask her out this weekend, but that goddamn couch-snatcher got her first."
by chessapphire1214 January 14, 2009
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