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Probably the most amazing person you will ever meet. He's sweet, kind, funny, loving, and caring...and no matter what, he's always there for you during your hardest times. Whenever life seems impossible, he'll always be the one standing there telling you that everything's going to be okay. He's the type of guy who you can call in THE MIDDLE of the nite when you get scared when you have a bad dream, the guy who will hold you when you cry, and the guy who will do anything to keep you safe. He's the best friend anyone could ever ask for, and the most selfless person alive. Anyone would be lucky just to meet him and get to spend time with him. Den always knows how to cheer you up - a simple picture, funny message, text fuck up - idk he can always just find a way to make you laugh. He's been through a lot, though, and doesn't realize how amazing he is. He's a life saver. A giver. A listener. And a survivor. And he needs to remember that no matter how tough life gets, he will always have his music. The one thing that's been there for him, when people have not. It's a shame that we all can't be like him. He's inspirational and he changes lives. He just doesn't know it...I hope more than anything, though, that Dennis is forgiving.
You: heyyyy

Dennis: hey how was your day

You: not very good ):

DenDen: well, you can run away with me anytime you want

You: way to quote lyrics there >.<

by chemicalxdisaster63 August 19, 2011

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