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Person who wears above listed brand names, but NOT Abercrombie and American Eagle unless they find a SERIOUSLY good catch. Someone who dresses pretty conservatively, NOT provacatively, and creates trends, DOESN'T follow them. Someone who spends a minimal amount of time on hair and makeup NOT someone who puts on 50 layers of foundation.

Preppy people are very multitalented and get hated for either: a. Being so "perfect" (even though no one is) b. Being fake by pretending they aren't good at things c. Being cocky by acknowledging that they're good at things d. Basically being blamed for the social retardedness of others as a venting tool e. Frustration that others can't use the "you're gonna pump my gas" argument because preps are actually smarter than them.

Things that get on a prep's nerves: a. people who wear Abercrombie and say they're preppy but aren't b. girls who pile on makeup and dress like sluts c. people who don't like them because they're preppy (how so you spell HYPOCRITE?!?) d. people who try to be preppy, don't quite hit the mark, and give preps a bad name

Preps generally do come from preparatory schools. That's where the name was generated from. However, some preps have been transported against their will to public schools where they continue to spread the word of true preppiness.

Preps are true friends and aren't concerned about being popular so much as they are concerned that people actually like them. Preps can actually have pretty delicate egos underneath and value true friends over everything.
"Your ribbon and ribbon belt and polo totally match! You're looking so classic prep today!"
by cheli February 28, 2004

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