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A word used to describe a foul smelling vagina.
William Bennington; "Sorry Gertrude but I will not be partaking stimuli of your lady button tonight"

Gertrude Whittingstall; "Oh William why on earth not?"

William Bennington; "Because my olfactory perception of your sheath is rather like the odor that emits from a binmans cuff!

Gertrude Whittingstall; "Cries"
by cheekycheese June 30, 2013
The "tag" given to a steroid abuser who frequents the gym only to work out on the whole of the upper body and neglect any leg exercises what so ever, forming the shape of an up side down triangle i.e. A Human Triangle.
Henry; Hey Dan! how do ya like my chest and biceps!?

Dan; Yes very manly, but I can't help but notice that your legs look like two pieces shit dangling out of a fishes ass hole.

Henry; Oh don't be so mean :(

Dan; Human Triangle.
by cheekycheese June 30, 2013
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