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1. Sending a text message with little or no expression that may suggest the end of the texting conversation. Such times when a vaguetext may be used is when you are texting someone uniteresting, you are busy at the moment, or you are simply tired of texting him/her.
2. A vaguetext may be used to test someone, and see if the person you are texting will reply with a new conversation starter. Such a case does not nessesarily mean you want to quit texting, just that you are opening the conversation up for a new topic.
Common examples include:

"Haha yeah"


"Nothin much"

"Thats good"


Jerry: Gawd I hate texting Britney!
Adam: I know, vaguetexting is her thing i guess.

(texting conversation)
Ryan: So i just got a new bike! :)
Nick: cool

In the above example, Nick vaguetexted Ryan, implying that he was uninterested in him getting a new bike.
by checkkss March 25, 2010
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