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having sex
dude my mom walked in while me and my girl were scroggin
by cheap_trick_rick July 05, 2009
A girl that is sooo hot, that it's a crime, or should be!
i walked up to her and told her that she was a walking felony, becase she was so hot it was a crime
by cheap_trick_rick June 30, 2009
a girls who's face is hott and the rest is not
mann that chick is nutin but face
by cheap_trick_rick July 13, 2009
chronic mastabator, someone who stares at women for the sole purpose of abusing themselves
any tv show like friends where someone watches only to see jen aniston walk around in tight,skimpy,revealing or little or no clothes
(dude friends is total wankervision)
by cheap_trick_rick May 06, 2009
gettin or givin head, oral sex
my old lady was otr so we did the noggin scroggin
by cheap_trick_rick July 05, 2009
lookin for women, esp loose women
man we got a case of beer and some chronic and were gonna trollin for skank
by cheap_trick_rick June 10, 2009
any game that is addictive as crack
i was up for 24 hours playing world of warcrack
by cheap_trick_rick July 15, 2009
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