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1. The part of the shirt that covers some of the neck, may be used to hold a tie in place, and is most often a shade of blue.

2. Working Class, which can be poor or even lower-upper class as the need for high-tech engineers rise, and is still very hazardous, strenuous, and important as any construction, factory, or free lancing labor.

3. An individual who maintains a middle-ish class job that is not a desk job, or a conventional artistic work. A redneck is not to be confused with blue collars as some red necks have no job, or simple work to survive by chopping wood, handyman service, and odds n ends jobs like ruffing and most any job where you'll get a sunburn, since originally rednecks were Irish workers, since we(yes i am one too) do not tan, only get a red neck etc, etc, yadda, yadda
Larry is a cable guy, Jeff is a comedian, both wear blue collars, thus they are Bluecollar and not Redcoats...

When I went to the union meeting with Jeb I realized I shouldn't have worn my green flannel shirt as everyone else wore their blue flannel.
by chazzy t June 19, 2007
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