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(1) The team that disgraced our Nation and our military abroad by skipping the National Anthem before their Monday Night Football game in 2007 where they played a winless Miami Dolphins team and just barely managed a 3-0 win with a late 4th quarter field goal.

(2) A team most of whoms fans have never actually seen them play live and talk about their 5 superbowls even though they weren't alive or were so young they can't remember 4 of them.

(3) A team whos fans rag on Cleveland fans. Too bad they're too fucking stupid to know that the logo on their beloved team's helmet is that of Cleveland Steel. Suck on that fucktards.

(4) A team whos fans rag on Ray Lewis even though he owns them, b/c they have/had mediocre talent like Joey Porter or Troy Pomalamadingdong or Lil' "No Helmet Laws in PA" Ben or Jerome "I average exactly 1 yard per carry" Bettis. Even there old coach left them in the dust.

(5) A team that attempts to pussify the NFL by waving gay little yellow towels around. They also refer to their 70s defenses has some type of curtain. With all of these linens in football it has been reported that Martha Stewart is the #1 Steelers fan.

(6) A team that has a starting QB who makes a living wearing a helmet, yet doesn't wear one while riding a very, very fast motorcycle on a dirty, ugly Pittsburgh street.
"Wow the Pittsburgh Steelers really suck. They just lost to the Jets. Maybe they should change from the Black N Gold Nation to the Black N Fold Nation."
by chazillionaire December 01, 2007
A visor. Basically a baseball cap without the top portion of the hat. Only acceptable when worn by football coaches, tailgaters, or beachgoers. Rocking a Jersey Sunroof is inappropriate while doing your leisurely day-to-day activities...outside of the above mentioned acceptable times/places anyone wearing a visor should be deemed an a**hole. Hence the name Jersey Sunroof.
Look at that meathead in the mesh tank top rocking the Jersey Sunroof!
by Chazillionaire December 11, 2007
A visor. (Baseball cap without a top)
(Usually at the beach or football tailgate) Nice rockin' the Jersey sunroof there buddy!
by chazillionaire December 01, 2007
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