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A teen girl that ties her nails black, wears black, wears flip-flops, and acts like gangsta/chav.

(note: she is in my school)
Omg look at her?
what is she? she looks abnormal!
I think she is a prepgothchav.
oh, you're right.
by chavsrule June 26, 2006
From my experience, a girl born in a nice rich family, with the parents that care about her. But when they reach teenage, they wear bras and pants to look hot and try to be THE BIGGEST SLUTS IN THE WORLD but in reality, they never had sex or to be more accurate, never kissed someone. They are the opposites of chavs. They want all the attentiona and they are mean. Did i meantion they are very rich?
Sometimes they are very fat or VERY ugly and they wear bikini to make the boy to go crazy and don't see her deformed face but to see her boobies.
Preps are people you don't want to be friends with.
Preppy girls are people who act like some people theyr are NOT.
Many prep girls can be found on Myspace and Myyearbook posting like 1000 almost nude pics and having like 34345645756 friends who kiss they'r asses all the day.
by chavsrule June 25, 2006
A bitch who skates. Usually they are arrogant. They thing they are the coolest creatures.They are girls who would reject even Brad Pitt or the coolest guy in the world. They almost NEVER have relationships with skater guys (weird).
Cool guy: (after being friends with her for a long time) I have to say...I love you.
Skater girl: What?! you fatass bitch, how could I love someone like you. I mean your too short for me.
Another guy: blah blah.......... I love you
Skater girl: God dammit! No ur left arm is 0.1 inch longer then your right arm, how could I love you?!?!
by chavsrule June 07, 2006

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