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an excuse used when the person is to lazy to think of a real one

a sarcastic response to a question
Are you going to come over?
No. I'm feeding the unicorn.
by chaselc June 17, 2011
a person who will steal your girl, be a buzzkill, or just piss you off
Keep being a muffinkiller, and I swear I will punch you square in the face!
by chaselc June 17, 2011
a person who has a big head and thinks highly of themselves
Jack is a coconut. Even thought he is no better than the rest of us.
by chaselc June 17, 2011
useless talk that can often lead to a headache or ones annoyance
I'd appreciate if you would stop shantering me.

Shantering gives me a massive migraine.
by chaselc June 17, 2011

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