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Coming from hella and emo to create hella emo

Extremely emo.
OMG! I AM SO HELLA EMO! *slits wrists*
by Charlotte March 06, 2005
damn sexy bitch. totally fuckable
damn that girls hott. what a charlotte p.
by charlotte March 31, 2005
What you say when you hurt yourself, you say ouch immediately followed by fuck, making it ouchfuck
*hurts self*
by charlotte November 10, 2004
one of the best sites ever
At asdf publications
if we're not up
there's something wrong.

asdf publications was formed to promote the creative expansion of the Web through simplicity and experimentation.
by charlotte November 11, 2004
The newest drama to hit livejournal. It allows you to anonymously archive LJ posts, even friends only entries. Of course, it is no different than simply copying the entry or taking a screenshot, it is just more convienant.
Person #1: OMG! Ahh! My precious friend entries! My privacy has been breeched!

Person #2: Shut up. Nothing you post on the internet is safe.
by Charlotte March 05, 2005
The name given to a super cool gal named Rebecca. Given by the master called Charlotte.
'You're looking swell today Beccy Bear.'
'That statement is correct.'
by Charlotte April 12, 2005
Take an item or an idea or basically anything that you didn't create yourself and then present a cheaper version as your own.
Suzy walmarted Martha Stewart's Platinum Napkin Rings ($50/ea) when she used aluminum foil in the same design and sold them for 50 cents each.
by Charlotte December 03, 2003

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