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Punk/Rock ... this band do show much potensial and are on the road to great sucess, the band consists of Patrick Stump (lead vocals, guitar), Peter Wentz (bass, backup vocalist, and primary lyricist), Joe Trohman (lead guitar), and Andy Hurley (drums).
There are many desputes that this band has 1)pointles lyrics
2)rubbish bass
3)naisle singing
4) awful live ...
This is totaly wrong!!
Fall Out Boy are amazingly tallented and not big headed, they are very good live. some people think they can even hold four chords when performing live .... helloo yes they are and look amazing on stage too, no they are not emo band and what if they were?? The lyrics generall written by pete are honest and individual!!
finally people who say ... why like Fall Out Boy , they are not even good looking ... Are you blind?? loook at Pete the most insparational and amazing man on earth, Patrick is really tallented and cutee!! the drumer andy is well ... watch him .. could you do that ??? and Joe .. yeh he an play the guitar whilst spinning roun!! woo

amazing band __________x___________ if you dont like them then fine but you cant say their lyrics are bad or music!! u people suck :D:D
what a superb defenision!!
woop we love this band!! Fall Out Boy
by charloteeeeee February 02, 2007

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